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A successful instructor doesn't just focus on engaging students, they are also engaged in learning more about how to be a better instructor.

About Teaching will provide you with a number of ways to connect to resources especially for you whether it's an ice breaker for your first day or the latest in educational technology tools. 

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Below are links to blogs and news about teaching in post-secondary. If you have other favorites, please pass them along to Susan Werner at
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University Affairs, a website you might know from the news magazine - one of the most recognized sources of higher education.  The UA has several blogs including:
  • Margin Notes - news blog
  • Speculative Diction - analysis of higher education policy and practice in Canada

University of Waterloo's Centre for Teaching Excellence blog is posted Thursdays. 

Impatient Optimists is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation blog site.  Education is just one of the many topics covered by a variety of people from Foundation staff and partners to the people who receive the grants and others who have the expertise and opinions.   

Pedagogy Unbound bills itself as a "place for college teachers to share practical strategies for today's classroom". Categories include: problem solving, academic honesty, exams, hybrid courses, teaching goals, marking group work, getting students to talk and making better writers.  You may also submit a tip of your own to the site. 
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JPED is the Journal of Post secondary Education and Disability the official publication of the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD).  The scholarly publication focuses on research, issues, and trends related to both theory and practice of disability services in post-secondary institutions.

Faculty Focus is all about higher ed teaching strategies.  There is also a free enw-newsletter you may subscribe to.  Faculty Focus was created in 2003 by Magna Publications. 

The Washington, DC based The Chronicle of Higher Education includes news, blogs, advice, forums, opinion and ideas, fact & figures and forums.  You may also subscribe to one of its 10 newsletters
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From the University of Guelph the 12 principles of effective teaching and learning based on research out of the University of Toronto.  Worth a read!

30 teaching tips from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln - some good ideas here on a number of different topics.

A great article from UNC Charlotte (with references) that covers a broad range of actions and conditions instructors can take and establish to facilitate learning

A must read for every college instructor!  First published in 1987 this article has been widely circulated and is commonly known as The 7 Principles

Read about the fundamentals of teaching published in the Journal of Management Education.  Some of the examples relate to management, but the principles, which are prominently emphasized, are for everyone.