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Setting the Tone

A well-managed learning environment lends itself to both effective teaching and learning.

It’s not always easy, but it is an essential part of being a successful instructor.

You aren’t alone, and can learn from what has worked for other instructors. You’ll find tips—via website links—in 6 different areas of classroom management.
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Both these resources are related to motivating adult students.

Faculty focus, higher ed teaching strategies from Magna Publications, offers 9 strategies for motivating students

Tips and suggestions for enhancing student motivation from University of Maryland follow 4 themes:
  • Establishing inclusion
  • Developing positive attitude
  • Enhancing meaning
  • Engendering competence

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Videos and suggestions for creating a positive learning environment from the University of Saskatchewan.

Handling Disruptions arrow View
A compilation of articles about dealing with difficult students from the University of Michigan faculty and organizational development office site.

10 tips for handing classroom disruptions from a UK teaching tips blog.

Cell Phones arrow View
Everyone has one. Most are banned or must be turned off in class. What other strategies are there? Check these links.

25 tips for cell phone uses in school was developed as a K to 12 resource but has applications in the college classroom.

A college perspective on cell phone use from the University of Washington.

Academic Integrity arrow View
Practical suggestions for preventing academic dishonesty as well as dealing with dishonesty if it happens from a psychological perspective.

Academic Dishonesty and the Community College, is an academic article explores motives behind academic misconduct, how instructors respond and recommendations for colleges.

Lakeland College has an academic integrity policy and procedure. Check out the Student Policy and Procedures.