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Universal design evolved from accessible design. By designing your course with the diverse needs of your students in mind from the start, is more accessible to everyone whether it's a door knob or a course curriculum. UDL says the average student is a myth, and uses the following principles to maximize their access to learning.

Two of the leaders in UDL are the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) and the National Centre on Universal Design for Learning. Both are based in the US.

What is UDL - Resources from the National Centre on Universal Design for Living arrow View

What is UDL - Take a tour with the background and guidelines of UDL. From the tour you can also explore:
  • UDL and the curriculum
  • UDL and expert learners
  • UDL and technology
  • resource library

UDL Guidelines arrow View
CAST in cooperation with other partners has created a graphic representation of the UDL guidelines. Download your own Graphic Organizer with the UDL Guidelines (pdf).

Also available for download are a full text format of the guidelines and an educator's worksheet for note-taking. Both are available in Word format on UDL Guidelines page. The guidelines are also available in a number of languages.

UDL resources arrow View
UDL on Campus is a guide developed by CAST that covers:
  • selecting media & technology
  • planning courses
  • teaching approaches
  • assessment options
  • improving institutional policies and practices

Check out featured videos, presentations, books, articles and links on the UDL resource library.

The University of Northern Colorado has a UDL website including online tutorial for higher ed instructors.

There's a udltechtool kit on Wikispaces