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The ed tech world feels like its changing at the speed of light, the latest buzz might make you dizzy contemplating all that you could integrate in your classroom.

If you are wondering how ed technology applies to you, or how it might benefit you or your students, these links and resources are a place to start. You'll discover what other instructors are doing, and where that might work for you.
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  • The Instructional Technology Council hosts an eLearning Conference for eLearning administrators and faculty, instructional designers, online media specialists and web course developers. This will be taking place in St. Petersburg, Florida from February 19-22, 2017. 
  • The Education Technology Conference is hosted by Campus Technology and will take place July 17-20 in Chicago, Illinois. 
  • Want to learn more about what D2L/Brightspace can do for you? Fusion will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 19-20, 2017. 
  • The Teaching Professor Technology Conference is an annual 3 day conference that examines how technology is altering the learning environment. Get together with faculty, instructional designers, faculty developers, educational technology leaders and other higher education professionals. The conference will take place October 6-8, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland.
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  • Watch a 13-minutes video that gives an overviews the SAMR (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) model. Any instructor can use the guide to evaluate how technology is being used in your classroom and how to take the next step to using technology more effectively.

  • The Instructional Technology Council promotes good practice when using instructional technology.
  • A nice starting point for thinking about teaching and technology comes from the U of S and covers integrating technology in your teaching practice.
  • Campus Technology is an entire website dedicated to educational resources. It covers a wide range of topics and you can sign up for their free newsletter.
  • eCampus News is a online source of news about educational technology. Stay up to date on all of the latest news and trends relating to technology and higher education You may customize a newsletter subscription by choosing categories.
  • Educause Learning Initiative has a number of ed tech resources including a series of 7 things you should know about

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See Kelsey Baddock in 2074C to learn more about any of these technology tools. 
  • Prezi is an online presentation creator, making it easy to change and adapt them no matter where you are – no USB needed. There is a free public option, as well as a free education one, which gives you a bit more storage room. It is very interactive and embeds YouTube videos seamlessly; no having to minimize the presentation and click on your video. 
  • Kahoot is a way to create, play and share games anywhere with Wi-Fi access for FREE. 
  • Check out EdGames for customizable games. They have a wide range available – sports themed, TV game shows, board games and so on. 
  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is a resource of educational web tools and mobile apps for teachers and educators. It has a ton of information including: android apps, everything Google (apps, docs, forms), iPad apps, note-taking tools, plagiarism tools and much more. Here are a few quick links: