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time management in centre of a black board with related conceptsHelping you achieve your academic potential

Every year Lakeland College students receive an agenda from the students’ association on their campus. That freebie could be the basis for honing your organization skills.

Being organized and managing your time wisely are part of educational wellness. Along with services such as college prep, peer tutoring, and study skill workshops; the Commons has many ways to help you keep at your academic peak.

The drop downs below have links you can use to help you be better organized and manage your time.

You can always stop in and talk to your campus wellness advisor about what kind of help you need and where to find it.

As well, check out student resources on the Commons site including:

Time Management & Organization - Mind Tools arrow View
Mind Tools is an online international career training services site started in 1996. It offers practical free resources and an e-newsletter along with e-courses and a Mind Tools Club.

Time management is one of 12 different skill areas on the site.

Some of the resources you might want to check out are:
There are also a number of time management tools you might want to try:

And organizational tools:

  • How to be organized
  • The art of filing
  • Managing electronic files
  • Managing email effectiviey

This time management section also includes tools and resources for example:

  • setting priorities eg the Action Priority Matrix
  • scheduling eg the Pickle Jar Theory
  • time management challenges eg managing interruptions and minimizing distractions
  • concentration & focus eg the Pomodoro Technique
  • goal setting eg 8 common goal setting mistakes
  • self-motivation eg overcoming procrastination

Online Study Skill Workshops - University of Delaware arrow View
There are specific skills that will help you achieve academic success. Use the University of Delaware's online workshops:
  1. Assess your own skill level with a quiz. If you already have a handle on the subject, it will suggest you try another module
  2. Take the module and learn from real world examples
  3. Add strategies to help you with everything from note taking to taking exams
These are the options:

Study Smart Video arrow View
Click on the video to watch or use this link