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3 elements of physical health shown as intersecting circlesHealthy lifestyle for a better quality of life

You can't be your best unless you are healthy and rested.

Our wellness advisors can help you with information and resources about:
  • Healthy eating & meal planning
  • Alcohol & drug use and prevention programs
  • Sleep

Lakeland College also has other services related to your physical well-being.
  1. Health services includes an on-campus nurse, clinics and reference materials
  2. Lakeland's recreation department can help with physical fitness. Recreation facilities are available on both campuses including a pool on the Vermilion campus and a nearby pool in Lloydminster. Vermilion is also part of the Alberta Be Fit for Life network and you have access to fitness testing and programs

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Want to eat healthy on a budget? Have no idea what you’re doing in the kitchen? Check out the following sites for great cooking ideas and tips!

Student Recipes boasts simple, fast recipes for college students. This website offers many different ways to search for quick recipes and has everything from meals for one to BBQ treats.

Kraft doesn’t just make awesome macaroni and cheese-they also have a great meal planning webpage! Helpful easy-to-follow videos, great dip recipes and minimal ingredient dishes are found on this site.

For the more advanced cook, All Recipes offers a large variety of different dishes with recipe videos, holiday recipes, menu planner and shopping list option.
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It's been said that sleep is the foundation of good health. How well do you sleep? Try this sleep self assessment quiz.

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