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You are never so lonely as when you’re in a crowd.

On a campus bustling with people often there are individuals who are isolated. That isolation can come in many forms and in many degrees. From homesickness, that is more than missing mom’s cooking, to the culture shock of being in a smaller or larger place different than home.

Wellness advisors are here to help you with those issues, plus:
  • healthy relationships
  • how to protect yourself from unhealthy relationships
  • peer pressure
  • bullying

Whatever the issue might be, your campus wellness advisor provides a person and safe place to discuss your issue.

Quick tip: Make connections by joining one of Lakeland’s many clubs. Check them all out on clubs pages. Check out the drop downs below for general information about social wellness as well as links to particular organizations.

Quick Tips for Social Wellness arrow View
  • 123 Feel Better is a site about the 7 aspects of wellness. Its social wellness section includes quick tips for social wellness.
  • Those tips include getting involved and passing out compliments.
  • Along the same line is 14 tips for get happy compiled for Social Wellness Month in July 2012.
  • Geneseo The State University of New York offers 101 Wellness Tips
  • Rutgers has 101 health & wellness tips for students. This covers diet, exercise, sleep, sexual health, illness, stress, mental health and miscellaneous. 
  • Succeed Socially is a site created by Chris MacLeod who wished there was this kind of guide to getting over social awkwardness when he was younger. The site includes a section on meeting people and making friends covering things such as mistakes lonely people often make and even how to make friends in college or university.
Social Wellness Assessment arrow View
Take a brief quiz to rate your social wellness. Social wellness on the Dimensions of Wellness site includes facts, tips and an assessment quiz.
Healthy Relationships arrow View
  • love is respect is a US based site and a partnership between Break the Cycle and the National Domestic Violence Hotline. The Dating Basics section includes a definitions of dating and consent, a dating FAQ, communication, and, quizzes about if you are a good partner and if you are in a healthy relationship.
  • Healthy Place, America’s Metal Health Channel, has a section about relationships it includes blogs, relationship tools, types of relationships, videos and other resources.
  • The Canadian Federation for Sexual Health has a section on healthy relationships.
  • The Kids’ Help phone 1 800 668 6868 is a 24 hour counseling service for students 20 and under. Its website provides mental health support as well as has great information on a variety of topics in its Teens Info Booth such as friendships dating and bullying.
Family Violence, Bullying and Abuse arrow View
LGBTQ arrow View
The Pride Center of Edmonton provides a number of programs, resources and support for LGBTQ communities, their friends, and families.