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In honour of Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, Lakeland’s wellness advisors and the Students’ Associations launched The Upside in February 2014.

sun icon with 2 thumbs upEveryone in the Lakeland community is invited to take a moment to write down who has brightened their day, who made their Lakeland experience more enjoyable or who just has a great smile. Some of the first comments ranged from compliments on housekeeping to thanks for sharing wisdom.

Every Friday these positive comments our students wrote about others will be posted on Lakeland's Facebook page and on the mobile up. The Upside will also appear in Lloydminster campus newsletter, the Excel-Orator.

You can make your Upside compliment at both SA offices, or use the online form below. You don't need to use full names. We'll only use first names and last name initials in our posts.

Upside Nominations

They made my day!

Pay a compliment to someone or a group of people whose positivity is a plus to life at Lakeland College.
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