Tuition & Other Costs

Be prepared for tuition and other college fees to be approximately $15,000.
  • The one time application fee is $90.
  • Lakeland College has a flat tuition rate for international students. For 2016-17, that rate is $13,800 or the cost of program if it is more than the flat rate. 
  • Additional student fees such as the students' association fee, comprehensive fee and program specific fees
  • Mandatory health insurance for international students. For 2016-2017, that fee was $550.
You also have to add in housing, food, transportation and other living costs.

Our fee calculator can help you estimate what it costs to come to Lakeland College.


Lakeland College has an excellent awards program. Some of these awards have residency requirements, while others do not. You may qualify for those awards if you meet the selection criteria. Check out our awards database.

The Canadian government has a list of international scholarships available to non-Canadians

Your country may also have programs, grants, awards and scholarships for study overseas. It could pay off, if you do a little research.

That's how much in Canadian $$?

Canadian flag on a keyboard with currency written on the enter key

Canadian and US dollars aren't the same. Canadian dollars and your home country's currency probably differ as well. Use our currency converter to help you understand your costs at Lakeland.

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Science Without Borders

One of Lakeland's current international students came from Brazil with help from the Science Without Borders program.

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