On campus, in our residence village, is where we recommend international students live.

aerial view of Lloydminster residenceWhile neither of our campuses are located in large cities, it's still good for you to be close enough to walk to your classes. As you can see in the photo on the left of the Lloydminster campus, you don't have to walk very far between residence (in the foreground) and the main campus building (background).

Living in residence, also known as dormitories, is also what many people say is the best part of college life as you meet and get to know people who will be your friends for life.

If you would prefer to live off campus, please be aware that both Lloydminster and Vermilion have limited rental accommodation, and may be very difficult to arrange long distance.

Applying for residence arrow View
You apply for residence once you've been accepted into a program. Details about how to do that will be included in your acceptance letter.

Your application includes a $50 application fee as well as $500 deposit. The deposit is returned to you after you leave. Deductions may be made for any damages or outstanding fees.

The approximate cost for an academic year is between $5,100 to $5,600 per academic year depending on residence type. Check the Vermilion residence rates and the Lloydminster residence rates.

Lloydminster Residence Village arrow View
residence in background with geese on Bud Millar parkSingle student residence are in buildings we call spinwheels. Each wing of the spinwheel has a unit with 8 single bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a shared kitchen, dining room and living room.

  • Each bedroom includes a single bed, beside table, desk, chair, closet. Your bedroom door as a lock.
  • The kitchen includes a fridge, stove and microwave.
  • The dining room has a table and chairs.
  • The living room includes chesterfield (sofa), chairs and television set.
  • You'll share the bathroom on your floor with 3 other people.

Take a virtual tour of Lloydminster residence, for a better idea of what rooms can look like.

There are also 2-bedroom townhouses in Lloydminster that are available for students with children.

For more complete information, see the Lloydminster residence pages.

Photo: A view of Lloydminster residence village from Bud Millar with geese on the lake.

Vermilion Residence arrow View
aerial view of Vermilion campus 9 main dorm buildingsVermilion's residence village, located on the west side of campus, has 9 dorm buildings as well as Delta townhouses. There are two styles of dorm buildings, one in the shape of an I and the other a L  (see photo on right).

Each of these buildings has 3 floors.
  • the basement has laundry and storage facilities
  • the main floor has suites with 2 double rooms or a double with a single room. Each suite has a shared bathroom. There is also a common kitchen on the main floor
  • the upper floor has suites with 2 double rooms or a double and a single room. There is also a TV lounge with TV.

As a first year student you will likely be in a shared double room. There are a limited number of single rooms.

Bathrooms are shared by no more than four students all of the same gender.

The common kitchen has multiple stoves, ovens, fridges and at least 2 microwave ovens. There is also a TV in the kitchen.

Take a virtual tour of the Vermilion residence to see the different styles of rooms.

For more information, check out the Vermilion Residence pages.

Living off campus arrow View
Our communities are small. Vermilion has a population of about 4,400 and Lloydminster about 31,500.

There are rental accommodations available. However, the rental market is limited and students are just one of the groups looking for apartments, basement suites and houses.

Lakeland does offer an off campus housing list where landlords may list their properties.

Vermilion's most common type of rental accommodations are small older homes and basement suites. There are more apartments in Lloydminster. Another common rental is shared accommodation where you would rent a bedroom in a house and would have kitchen privileges.

Basement suites start at monthly rates of about $850. This can be with or without furniture and with a variety of utilities included or not included.

Vermilion Residence Virtual Tour

Vermilion has larger dorm buildings with capacities of 44 or more students. Take a virtual tour.

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Lloydminster Residence Virtual Tour

Lloydminster dorm units are of 8 people in what we call a spinwheel building. Take a virtual tour.

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