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Whether you are interested in spending a semester, a full academic year or longer studying abroad, there are programs available to help Canadian students to study or intern internationally.

Some programs have specific GPA and language requirements.

You might also want to check out the International Studies Association (ISA)'s programs and resources. Included are awards, grants and funding, and jobs.

Check out the drop downs below for more information about some specific programs.
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AustraLearn--offers semester or year abroad programs at more than 30 universities in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.

An exceptional 6-day on-site orientation, as well as an optional volunteer abroad project, is included in the program fee. Additionally, summer programs and internships for academic credit are also available. Having sent more than 20,000 students abroad in over 20 years, AustraLearn is a specialist in customer service and quality programs in this region of the world.

Countries: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand
GPA: 2.5-3.0
Language Requirements: No
Subject Areas: Vary by program; internships available
Contact: 1 800 980 0033 or or

There's also a related degrees overseas program for Canadian students to turn their diploma into a degree at one of 5 universities Down Under.
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AsiaLearn offers semester and summer programs in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

GPA: 2.7-3.0
Language Requirements: No
Subject Areas: Vary by program
Contact: 1 800 980 0033 or

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EuroLearn--Offers semester and summer programs in the UK and Ireland and research abroad opportunities at 12 universities throughout Europe.

Countries: England, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Scotland, Wales, Other Mainland Europe Destinations
GPA: 2.5-3.4
Language Requirements: No
Subject Areas: Vary by program
Contact: 1 800 980 0033 or

There are also opportunities to convert your diploma into a degree at several UK universities. Check out the degrees overseas UK options for Canadian students.
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Convert your diploma into a degree through this special partnership between Canadian colleges and universities in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Start with the Degrees Overseas page for Canadian students.

Contact: 1 800 980 0033 or
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The Alberta-Saxony Internship Program (ASiiA) is an opportunity for Albertan students to work in Saxony and for Saxon students to work in Alberta.

The Alberta-Smithsonian Internship Program (ASIP) invites 10 Albertans each year to participate in an internship with the esteemed Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest consortium of museums located in Washington, DC. Internships could be in Washington, or one of the Smithsonian's locations around the world.

The Alberta Abroad Program is an externship. This international work experience initiative is funded by the provincial government of Alberta and places talented Alberta post-secondary graduates into short-term work placements (externships) with an international host organization. See more on the

Human Services International practicums

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Australia, the Dominican Republic and Hawaii are three of the places human services students have gone for practicums. While practicums are a normal part of their educational experience, every two years an international destination is added. For students it's a chance to not only use their skills and knowledge outside the regular classroom, but also learn about another culture and other ways of providing services.

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