English language skills are a must.

All Lakeland College classes are taught in English, so you'll need to be able to speak, write and understand English to be admitted to one of our programs.

If English is your second language, you must show English language proficiency in one of the following ways:
  1. Successfully completing a year of full time education in English in Canada, in another country where English is the official language of instruction or at a recognized school/institution that uses English as its primary language of instruction
  2. Successfully completing specific O level, GCSE, IGCSE or 6 credit transferable university level English language or literature course at an English language institution.
  3. An acceptable score on an English language evaluation test

See the drop downs below for more details on each of these qualifications.

Completing 1 year of full time education in English arrow View
These are the possible routes you took to successfully completing one year of education in English
  • in Canada including the grade 12 year. This can be a combination of secondary and post secondary education.
  • in another country where English is recognized as an official language of instruction.
  • at a recognized school/institution which uses English as the primary language of instruction

Completing a specific English language or literature course arrow View
If you take one of the following courses in the English language or literature and achieve the required grade, you meet the English requirement for Lakeland College:
  • a grade of B or better in an O-level, GCSE, or IGCSE 
  • a grade of B+ or better in 6 credit transferable university-level at an English language institution

IELTS arrow View
IELTS (International English Language Testing - a minimum score of 6.0 overall, with at least 5.5 on each band score.

There is no pass or fail, instead you are rated on a 9-band scale for listening, reading, writing and speaking. A Band 6 rating is called a competent user.

IELTS testing centres are located around the world and there are 48 testing dates throughout the year.

Check the IELTS test takers FAQ for more locations, costs and more.

TOEFL arrow View
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Minimum of 80 on the iBT exam and a minimum score of 20 in each of the four tested areas.

The TOEFL iBT test is taken online. It measures your ability to use and understand English at a university level. Tests are offered more than 50 times each year at authorized test centres around the world.

For more on test centre, costs and test preparation, check out the website for TOEFL test takers.

CAEL arrow View
CAEL (Canadian Assessment of English Language) has locations across Canada as well as testing centres in 5 other countries Brazil, China, Columbia, India and Taiwan.

Minimum score of 60 overall with at least 60 on each band score are required for admission to Lakeland College.

CAEL assessment measures response to reading, a lecture, writing and oral language.

MELAB arrow View
MELAB is the Michigan English Language Assessment Battery and is designed specifically to evaluate students going to an English language school.

CaMLA authorizes test centres where you may take the test. MELAB tests are approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours long and cover writing, listening, reading/grammar/vocabulary/cloze and speaking.

Minimum score of 80 with no component less than 76, must include the speaking test (minimum 3).

Test centres are located around the world and listings are available on the website.

Currently tests are about $300 Canadian (200 US$).
PTE-A arrow View
Pearson Test of English Academic is accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) in England as an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) International qualifications. The qualification is especially designed for people who want to attend higher education or seek professional employment.

Lakeland College requires a PTE Academic minimum score of 53. See the PTE-Academic accreditation table for more information.

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