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Equine Centre/Riding Arena

Lakeland College's Equine Centre, better known as the Riding Arena, is primarily for student class and club activities.

But it's also a community facility that has been the stage for events as varied as 4-H light horse club activities and professional bull riding.

For the horse enthusiast, we offer a a riding arena membership. During open riding times, you can drop in and ride during inclement weather.

Check out the drop downs below the slide show for information about rental rates, how to book the facility and riding arena memberships.

There's a equine centre calendar that shows when the facility is booked and when it is available.

Rental Rates

Riding Arena
Rental Rates

 Winter Rates Summer Rates
Full day
Half day1
Full day
Half day
Arena only
$500 $350
1 A half day is 4 hours or less
Stables are available in addition to rental price at a rate of $25 per stall.

Full day
Half day
Outdoor Arena $150

Rental Agreement
Rental Agreement Form (pdf)
Liability Release Form
Riding Membership
  • Membership fees will be $200/year starting September 1, 2015. Memberships purchased after Nov 1, 2015 are $250.
  • Membership run for one year, from September 1 to the following August 31.
  • You must also complete a liability waiver before using your riding membership
  • Open Riding times will be noted on the online riding arena calendar.
Riding Arena Membership Form & Rules (pdf)
Liability Waiver (pdf)
Membership Rules
The membership form also lists a number of rules. See page 2 of the agreement.

Clean up
  • You must clean up after yourself. This includes manure, hair and hoof clippings going to the waste pile south of the arena
  • Garbage goes to the dumpster at the north end of the arena or the dumpster in front of the rodeo barn
  • Manure must be shoveled out of the arena
  • After varrels, poles or horses rolling, the area surface must be worked or rake. Note: Only people with the manager's approval may use the arena tractor
  • Barrels and poles must be taken down after each use.
Not allowed:
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Dogs
  • Turning horses loose in the arena
  • Tying horses to the arena surface
General Notes:
  • Only 3 horses per family are allowed in the arena or annex at one time
  • Owner or rider responsible must be on the arena grounds at all times
  • Arena surface is to be used as is.
  • Guests or drop-in riders must still fill out a waiver. They are located in the first aid box located outside the door to the stable area.
  • After 2 times as a guest/drop-in you must purchase a membership
  • All work or maintenance times will be posted at the Farm Office 24 hours before
  • The arena may be under video surveillance
  • Damage to panels, doors, walls or fences may be charged to the user
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