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With the substantial amount of instructional technologies available, it is often overwhelming for Instructors to make decisions about which tools will help them and their students’ best achieve their teaching and learning goals.  This webpage will provide you with information on the e-learning tools that are available at Lakeland College, as well as how incorporating technological tools can enhance meaningful pedagogy.

A blog is a type of website that allows the author to publish entries or journals - often referred to as posts - of commentary or descriptions of events.  Blogs allow people to “share” in unique ways. Instead of simply using the internet for reading information to “look something up” on the web, blogs let people write, react, and share, using the internet as a place to do it. Blogging can be a great addition to your classes as they allow you and your students the opportunity to share ideas and opinions which fosters collective, collaborative learning.

Options for using blogs:

Using Blogs to Enhance Learning - Some Helpful Tips - Open Education
Learn more about blogging:

Create a Blog:
Blogger.com (probably the most popular)

Blog Examples:

Every Instructor has at one time asked a question in a class and had no response from students - or had the same student respond to every question asked!  By utilizing clickers, every student in the class is given the opportunity to respond - anonymously - alleviating any apprehension that  they might have about speaking out in class or answering incorrectly.  Engaging students in this manner can lead to increased student attention, preparation for class and ultimately, course success.

Check out a printable how-to-use clickers guide especially for Lakeland instructors

Check out these great resources for additional information on using clickers:
Clicker Resource Guide - University of British Columbia / University of Colorado
Clickers in the Classroom:  An Active Learning Approach - Educause
7 Things You Should Know About Clickers - Educause

YouTube Videos on Using Clickers:
Using Clickers in the Classroom
Using Clickers in the College Classroom
The Anatomy of a Clicker Question
SMART Boards
SMART Boards have been installed in several classrooms of the college at both the Vermilion and Lloydminster campuses.  Instructors who use the interactive whiteboards can turn their power point presentations into engaging, interactive lessons using multimedia content.  

For tips on using SMART Boards in your classroom, check out this pdf SMART board guide.
wikipedia is probably the worlds most popular wiki. A wiki is "a type of website that allows users to add, remove, or otherwise edit and change most content very quickly and easily."  This free online software allows users to create a kind of website where readers can make changes or add comments, making it a great tool for communicating, collaborating and fostering student- centered learning. 

Options for using wikis:
Using wikis in the classroom - Suite 101
Tips for using wikis for teaching and learning - Suite 101
10 best practices for using wikis in education - Technology Teacher
Wiki becomes textbook in boston college classroom - Computer World

Learn more about wikis:

Create a wiki:
Technology Tools
Other Resources: 

Electronic Assessment and Grading
Rubistar - free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics

Cool Tools
 - Create word "clouds" that allow for document analysis.
Zamzar - Convert files without downloading a software tool.  Just type in a URL and let Zamzar convert the file(s) to another format.
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