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International students interested in studying in Canada need to know the rules and processes involved in coming to Canada to study.

The best and most accurate source for information is the Canadian federal government. The federal government runs Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) - which links immigration services with citizenship registration and is responsible for and admitting immigrant, foreign students, visitors and temporary workers.

The department of the federal government formerly known as International Trade Canada has been split into two separate departments. The department now responsible for Culture, Education and Youth is Foreign Affairs Canada (FAC).

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Information for Foreign Students
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Visa Offices


Countries and Territories Whose Citizens Require Visas in Order to Enter Canada as Visitors
Information for Institutions and Organizations

Temporary resident visa: For persons from designated countries who wish to visit Canada for a temporary purpose. Find out more here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/inadmissibility.asp

Visa: A visa is permission issued by a country for you to enter that country.

Permanent Resident (Landed Immigrant): A person who has been granted the right to live in Canada permanently by immigration authorities, but who has not acquired Canadian citizenship. Entitled to all the rights of a citizen except the right to vote.

Citizen: A member of a nation, either by birth or through naturalization.

Lakeland College is an inter-provincial Institution and therefore provides its graduates with Immigration opportunities in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.
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