Ride into your future with Lakeland’s new animal science equine science major.
You’ll learn from your saddle, hands-on in small lab groups. You’ll train young horses from start to finish for performance or livestock sectors.young woman riding brown horse outside on cloudy day
This major is more than training and riding. Animal husbandry learning starts with foaling and goes through the whole production cycle. You’ll learn about genetics, nutrition, and range and forage agronomy. Along the way, you’ll do health checks and treatments.
On the business side, you’ll study:
  • record keeping
  • financial management
  • microeconomics
  • communications
  • marketing and sales.
You’ll make real decisions as part of a Student-Managed Farm (SMF) - powered by New Holland team or through a student-led practicum.
Your diploma provides you with the skills and knowledge to build a career in industry or on your own ranch.
The equine science major is one of 4 animal science technology majors.