Choose your electives

If you are enrolled in the business administration diploma program, you will choose electives with your academic advisor.
There is an exception: the real estate appraisal and assessment major doesn't have any electives.
  • accounting majors only choose 1 elective
  • small business and entrepreneurship majors choose 4 electives
  • general majors choose 10 electives
What you should know
  • Business elective course options are listed by subject areas in the tiles.
  • You do have help. Your academic advisor will assist you in choosing courses suitable to your needs while building your timetable.
  • You may select a course from any interest area. You aren't limited to courses related to your major.
  • Course descriptions and course outlines are subject to change.
  • Not all courses are offered every year. Not all course combinations are possible.
  • All courses are 3 credits each.

Accounting & Math

There are a dozen accounting and 4 math courses currently available.

Appraisal & Assessment
and Computer

Courses related to real estate appraisal and assessment as well as two computer course options.

Communications & Marketing

Marketing and communication elective options

Economics, Finance & Law

From microeconomics to labour law, options in economics, finance and law.

General Business

General business courses tackle a variety of topics from organizational behavior to small business management.

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