Administration Professional - Wainwright Cohort

Grow your office skills by taking Lakeland College's administrative professional course in Wainwright.
Classes will be offered Tues and Thurs evenings as well as during the day on Sat and Sun. See the complete Wainwright cohort schedule. One class each semester will be online.
All the academic requirements are the same. However, you will need your own laptop computer for the onsite and online courses.

Tuition & Fees

The grand total for the entire year including tuition, fees and books is $6,149. Here's the breakdown.
  • tuition for each semester is $2,057.50. Total for the year $4,115
  • fees are  $228 each semester. Total for the year $456
  • You pay a $278 health and dental fee in the first semester. You can opt out if you already have a plan. Total cost is either $278 or zero
  • Estimated book and supplies costs are $1,300 for the full year