Find your path in continuing education

Without life long learning, life is pretty stale.
So add some verve to your life with a continuing education course from Lakeland College.
While how we deliver the courses vary, they all fall into one of these pathways:
  • taking a course just for fun 
  • taking a course to develop a skill to add to your personal toolkit
  • taking a course that adds to your job or career skills
So check out our paths and find the one that's right for you.

Just for Fun

Whether you want to try yoga or digital photography, flute lessons or how to operate s snowmobile - there's a wide variety of options.

Personal Development

From indepth academic upgrading to taking a single online course about a specific software, your choices are almost limitless.

Professional Development

Whether you're firefighter, farmer, oil worker or ethestician, Lakeland has a wide variety of professional development courses.

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