Theatre for Kids

We are working diligently to accommodate the number of requests we have for musical theatre and drama programming. We will communicate the outcome of our planning as soon as we have the details worked out. We appreciate your patience and continued support. Please keep checking back for further updates. 
Covid 19 Notice:
Lakeland College continues to monitor and evaluate the guidelines and protocols set by our provincial health authorities. 
With increasing active cases in the region and beyond, Lakeland is reinstating the use of face coverings in specific areas of our campuses. Masks must be worn in all hallways and public areas. Lesson environments where face coverings impede the learning outcome are exempt. Our campus and community safety is a shared responsibility and we kindly ask for your cooperation. 
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About our theatre and drama programs

Take a step onto a bigger stage if you, or your child(ren), love to dress up and perform.
While it isn’t in everyone’s future, most of Hollywood’s biggest stars began to learn their craft in children’s theatre.
But the best thing about all of our Theater for Kids programs is that it’s fun. And, it’s a confidence booster.

Musical Theatre

For ages 5 - 8 years old: basic singing techniques, choreography and introduction to preliminary acting techniques.

Stage & Theatre Foundations

Triple Threat Musical Theatre - Production Classes

Developed and expanded for students participating in the Spring stage production presented by Lakeland College Music, Art & Drama

Summer Theatre

Details for our Summer 2020 camps will be available Spring 2020.

Musical Theatre

This post-production class runs for 7-weeks in the spring.

Musical Theatre - Development Classes

Check out the musical and theatre experience and participate in a number of smaller events.