Wellsite Supervisor Competency Certificate

Go forward in the industry by certifying your expertise as a well site supervisor.
Working with industry, Lakeland College has developed this online program to evaluate and validate well site supervisor competencies.
Choose from either the drilling supervisor or completions supervisor certificates. This competency-based program is a 3-step process:
  • optional knowledge review and self-assessment--a review of the competencies
  • quizzes -- timed, 90% required to pass
  • onsite assessment by a regional validator
You’ll use our learning management system, Desire2Learn, for your online coursework including the reviews and quizzes. After you complete the online quizzes, you'll notify Lakeland of online completion and request an on-site validation. 
After successful completion of both online competencies and on-site validation you'll receive a certificate of completion. 
You’ll also be sent the completion letter via email and regular mail.
This certification can be renewed annually. 
Please note: Onsite validations are in limbo/suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.  Annual fees are currently not due.