As a CARE graduate you'll find an expanding range of your possible careers.

Demands for accountability and global responsibility from the public and advocacy groups have triggered job growth in government, industries and regulatory bodies.

Opportunities include:
  • enhancing and conserving habitat
  • classifying and assessing wetlands and grasslands
  • conducting species-at-risk recovery
  • actively restoring disturbed landscapes
  • surveying plants, animals and soils
  • doing environmental site assessments
  • managing invasive plants

Salary potential

The average, career-related starting wage for Lakeland Environmental Science Diploma graduates is $55,786. The Alberta Wage and Salary Survey reports that environmental industry wages start at $44,800, and average $136,000.
  • 100% of CARE graduates have either started their careers in the environmental industry or have chosen to pursue a degree here or elsewhere
  • 100% of CARE graduates say they are confident that they have the knowledge and skills they need to start a career
  • 92% of CARE graduates were either satisfied or very satisfied with this program and they would recommend it to others.

Employers hire Lakeland Grads

  • 94% of employers would hire a Lakeland grad again
  • 100% of employers would recommend Lakeland grads to other employers
  • 97.1% of employers are satisfied with the quality of Lakeland College grads
Source: 2016 Lakeland College Employer Survey conducted by insightrix

What our Alumni say

92 % are grads are happy in their jobs. Their satisfaction goes up if the job is related to their program
Source: 2016 Lakeland College Graduate Survey of Class of  2014. Conducted by insightrix

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