NFPA 1041 Standard for Fire and Emergency Services Instructor Professional Qualifications

front cover of IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Instructor textbookPrepare yourself for the challenges of teaching fire and emergency services courses.
The NFPA 1041 standard is designed for firefighters who want to become professional instructors.
Theory and techniques in these courses are also useful to anyone who does safety training or develops fire safety education materials.
Level one training builds your knowledge about learning environment, student behaviours, testing and assessment, lesson planning and lesson delivery.
The advanced course, Level 2, expands into different teaching methods, analyzing student test results, managing resources, record keeping and scheduling.
We also offer a 3-day enhanced presentation skills course that supplements both instructor and safety educator training.
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor 8th edition, published by IFSTA, is the textbook. Its cost isn't included in course fees.