There are 4 different important dates listings on this page:
  • the face-to-face schedule - 1st drop down box
  • the academic year 2nd drop down box
  • online schedule - 3rd drop down box
  • part-time in Sherwood Park option - 4th drop down box
This listings provide a guide to when courses are scheduled.

Online Students - Check application and registration dates

If you want to take this program online, there's a two step process. Applying and registering are two different things.
  1. You apply to the program. The deadline is approximately 2 months before courses start. Use the Apply Now button above to apply.
  2. You register for classes. You can't register for a course until you've been accepted in the program. The deadline to register is 2 weeks before the course starts.
More more details along with application deadlines check out the online application, then register page. Registration deadlines are part of the online schedule below.