Vehicle restoration, customization and fabrication 

Grab the opportunity to learn in our unique in Canada street rod technologies program. 
Learn automotive principles in our specialized lab such as:
  1. vehicle design
  2. frame, suspension and driveline
  3. electrical systems
  4. automotive paint principles
Since you'll spend most of your time in the shop, you'll develop a variety of applied skills. This includes MIG and TIG welding along with sheet metal shaping and body finishing.
You'll put knowledge and those skills to work as you customize a vehicle, while supervised by your instructors. Custom work includes paint and modifications such as Frenching, channelling, chop tops and chassis fabrication.
All of learning and practice is in the SRT lab equipped with:
  • classroom, panel stands, welding stations and work stations
  • hydraulic vehicle hoists
  • paint mixing booth 
  • sheet metal tools including stomp sheer, powering hammers, English wheels, bead rollers, brake and nibbler
  • slip roller
  • hand tools and mobile tool boxes