Get ahead in a growing trade with Lakeland's pre-employment instrumentation and control technician 16-week program.
Industry automation needs technicians to install, maintain and repair a variety of measuring and metering systems.
To prepare for this career, you'll spend 12 weeks in classes. You'll take the same training as first period apprentices in the trade.
In fact, you may write the Alberta apprenticeship first period instrumentation and control exam at the end of your classes.
Then, you'll have a 4-week work placement. You don't get paid, but you do get experience.
If you choose to continue in the trade, you'll jobs in a variety of settings. This includes:
  • power generation
  • pulp and paper
  • industrial construction
  • mining
  • natural gas
  • petrochemicals
  • instrument servicing companies
For more information about the trade and job opportunities check out the apprenticeship and industry training instrumentation & control technician profile.