Apply Now, but first

...How to apply - the checklist

You've decided the program you want to take and are ready to apply. But are you? Before you click on Alberta's post-secondary application system, ApplyAlberta, you'll need 5 things. Each of the items is explained in more detail in one of the tiles. applyalberta logo
  1. Your own MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI).
  2. Your Alberta Student Number (ASN).
  3. The names of all the high schools and post-secondary institutions you attended or are currently attending.
  4. High school courses and marks - Canadian students only.
  5. A credit card to pay the application fee.

 You should also know

  • use a desktop or laptop computer to fill in your online application. It's much easier to see and do all the actions on a larger screen. Very difficult to complete the application on a mobile phone.
  • check your web browser. If you're a Google Chrome user, you might have difficulties in ApplyAlberta. Switch to another browser.
  • if you're an international student - check eligible programs as well as if there is still space for international students
  • if you're an apprentice, you use My Trade Secrets to register for your training
  • apply even if the program has a wait list - often there's movement
  • Oct 1 is when applications open for the next academic year for most Sept to April programs
  • if you were in college and have been away for a semester or more, you must reapply for the program
  • if you are coming back in the fall to the 2nd year of the same program, you don’t have to reapply.

Tips for using

Tips for using ApplyAlberta

ApplyAlberta is an online application system for Alberta post-secondary institutions. The system also includes a transcript transfer process for anyone who went to school in Alberta.
You leave Lakeland College's website when you click on Apply Alberta. So, we've provided some tips to help you.
  1. Create a secure login account
  2. Find your Alberta Student Number (ASN), or get one if you're not from Alberta
  3. Authorize a transcript transfer
  4. Fill in your profile
  5. Complete the application
  6. Submit your application and pay the application fee

The best source of help is from Apply Alberta. So , if you're still not sure about how to apply, check out these resources:
applyalberta logo with clickable hand Tips
  • if you have a problem, there's an ApplyAlberta help desk
  • split your screen with the ApplyAlberta site on one side and this page open on the other. You can refer to this page for tips and help.
  • check your browser as there have been issues with Google Chrome, so try another browser.
  • don't use the browser's back button to go back to a previous page - there are back and next buttons within the application.

MyAlberta Digital ID

MyAlberta Digital ID MADI

MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI) was set up to make it easier for Albertans to access a number of  Alberta government services
It's also required when you use ApplyAlberta, whether or not you're an Albertan.
Only a basic account is required to access ApplyAlberta. However, if you're an Albertan you should create an ID verified account.

You should also know

  • if you used ApplyAlberta before, you will need to transfer from the SIAMS system to the MADI system. This is about 7 steps into the MADI set-up. You'll need the SIAMS number you were assigned.
  • an email address can only be used for once MADI. Use your own email. If you are a parent or guardian filling out the form, don't use a family email or your personal email
  • you'll have to confirm your email address before your account is created. Be ready to check for the confirmation link. It expires in 96 hours.
  • if you're an Albertan, you might want to create an ID verified account.You'll be using your MADI for more than ApplyAlberta and vertified ID may be required.
  • if you're filling in a basic account, please use your legal name including a middle name. We need that information for our student and financial records.

Alberta Student Number

Alberta Student Number ASN

Everyone who has gone to school in Alberta - from kindergarten to post-secondary - has an Alberta Student Number (ASN).
This student registry system provides the means for transcripts to be sent directly to Lakeland.

If you went to school in Alberta

If you don't know your ASN, you look it up ​. The link is in the ApplyAlberta process, but you should look it up first. Go to the Lookup ASN page.

If you haven't gone to school in Alberta

You need to get an ASN number. Go to the request an ASN page.

You should know

  • your ASN is unique to you and is yours for life. Record it and keep with other important documents
  • a parent, legal guardian or other authorized person can look up or request your ASN

High school courses
& marks

High school courses & marks

Part of your application is filling out both personal and academic profiles.
Personal information includes:
  • your full legal name, please include your middle name
  • your birth date
  • your mailing address and other contact information
  • your citizenship
Academic information includes:
  • high school(s) you attended
  • post secondary institutions you attended
  • high school courses
About high school courses
  • You only need to list the courses required for the program you're applying to take. For example, if you're taking business and science courses aren't a required prerequisite, you don't have to list any science courses you're taking.
  • List courses from both semesters of grade 12. Self-declare your current (or final) marks. If you apply in November, you'll use current marks and list your planned courses for the next semester. If you apply in March, self-declare you 1st semester final marks and current semester marks.
  • If you're going to school in Alberta, your transcripts will be sent to Lakeland automatically. If you're from out of province, you'll need to send us your transcripts when they are available.

Application opening

Application opening dates

Some people are eager to begin their application. However, you do have to wait until application process is open. 
applyalberta logo with clickable handApplications for the next terms will open on these dates:
  • Bachelor of Applied Business: Emergency Services - March 1, 2019
  • Jan 2020 - April 2020 term - May 1, 2019
  • EST 2020 - May 1, 2019
  • Firefighter training (FFT) 2020 - August 15, 2019
  • Sept 2020 - April 2021 academic year - Oct 1, 2019
Tip: Wait until Lakeland's October Open House to apply. During the 2 days of Open House, application fees are waived.

Currently waitlisted

Currently waitlisted programs

Any programs that have a wait list will be listed here.
Some programs are always popular, including Animal Health Technology and Environmental Sciences: Wildlife and Fisheries major.
Even if there's a wait list, you should still apply as wait lists do move.

If your program
has a wait list

If your program has a wait list

We encourage you to apply, even if your chosen program has a wait list.
Wait lists do move. You could move up before fall registration.


International students

Who is an international student

If you don't have a Canadian passport  or a residency card, then you are an international student.

Eligible programs

Most, but not all, Lakeland College programs are open to international students.
Many of the eligible programs also limit the number of international students.
Before you apply, check out programs you are eligible to take as an international student.
You should also check for programs whose applications are closed.

Apply early

Your application must be submitted before July 15 for the September intake. However, we advise you to apply well before that date because
  • the visa process can take several weeks
  • many of our popular programs fill up quickly with both domestic and international students

No application fee
during Open House

No application fee during Open House

There's no application fee when you apply during Open House.
Whether you apply on campus while you're here, or online, the application fee is waived.
Open House 2019 is Oct 25 & 26.

You are ready to
apply now

You are ready to apply now

You have all the background about the different parts of the ApplyAlberta process, and some tips to make your application go more smoothly.
Go ahead and apply now by clicking on the logo below.
applyalberta logo with clickable hand

Your application

Your application status

When you submit your application and payment, you'll receive a confirmation you should print for your records
This means we've received your information and application payment.
Don't expect an immediate response about your application status from Lakeland admissions.
When Lakeland College receives your application, our admissions team will review it. We may need additional documents from you before we can complete our review. For example, if you aren't from Alberta, we'll need your transcripts. We may also:
  • contact you to get clarification or more details
  • ask you to submit additional forms that are part of a particular program's requirements
Expect  a letter from admissions 2 - 5 weeks after we have your application and all the necessary documents. It's a longer wait just after applications open and after Open House. Our admissions department generally sends out batches of admission offers twice a week
Your letter may be a conditional offer that's based on your current grades and courses. You acceptance is conditional on you completing courses with the required passing grade.
Stay in touch with your program's enrolment specialist. They will help you out along the way.