Apply Now, but first... to apply: Checklist & Tips

You've decided the program you want to take and are ready to apply. 
Before you click on Alberta's post-secondary application system, ApplyAlberta, you'll need 5 things. Each of the items is explained in more detail in one of the tiles.
  1. Your own MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI).
  2. Your Alberta Student Number (ASN).
  3. The names of all the high schools and post-secondary institutions you attended or are currently attending.
  4. High school courses and marks - Canadian students only.
  5. A credit card to pay the application fee.

 You should also know

applyalberta logo with clickable hand
  • use a desktop or laptop computer to fill in your online application. It's much easier to see and do all the actions on a larger screen. It's very difficult to complete the application on a mobile phone.
  • check your web browser. If you're a Google Chrome user, you might have difficulties in ApplyAlberta. Switch to another browser.
  • if you're an international student - check eligible programs as well as if there is still space for international students
  • if you're an apprentice, you use My Trade Secrets to register for your training
  • apply even if the program has a wait list - often there's movement
  • Oct 1 is when applications open for the next academic year for most Sept to April programs
  • if you were a Lakeland College student and have been away for a semester or more, you must reapply for the program
  • if you are coming back in the fall to the 2nd year of the same program, you don’t have to reapply.

Tips for using Apply Alberta

You leave Lakeland College's website when you click on Apply Alberta. So, we've provided some tips to help you.

MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI)

Alberta Student Number ASN

Everyone who has gone to school in Alberta - from kindergarten to post-secondary - has an Alberta Student Number (ASN).

High School Marks & Courses

Part of your application is filling out both personal and academic profiles.

Congratulations - You're Ready to Apply

You have all the background and tips about using applyalberta

Application Opening Dates

Some people are eager to begin their application.However, you do have to wait until application process is open.

Currently wait listed programs

Any programs with a wait list will be noted here.

Why should you still apply if Your Program has a Wait List?

We encourage you to apply even if your program has a wait list.

No application fee during Open House

Save $90 during Open House

Your Application Status

When you submit your application and payment, you'll receive a confirmation you should print for your records.