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Ask someone from another country to describe Canada in one word and you might hear: Canada is with words and illustrations including moose, maple syrup, hockey player and politeness
  • cold
  • snow
  • hockey
  • opportunity
  • free
  • diverse
  • maple syrup
  • polite
  • moose
Those first three words are common. Spending a winter in Canada is a definite experience, especially if you don't have a winter season with snow.
Canadians tend to claim they are best hockey players in the world. And there's certainly a hockey culture in Canada. We also play a lot of winter sports you probably haven't heard of before such as curling.
Our climate also requires certain types of clothing and footwear, most particularly winter coats and boots.
Because we are such a large country, the 2nd largest in the world by land mass, that spans the width of the continent climate vary from east to west and north to south. Your cousin in Vancouver or uncle in Montreal will have different experiences based on where they live.
We are also a country mostly populated by immigrants. Since European began settling here in the 1600s, our population has expanded across the width of the continent. Canada still welcomes about a half million immigrants annually. A couple of the reasons were are known as a land of opportunity and diversity.
Our stunning geography and variety of wild animals make Nigara Falls or moose as common one-word definitions of Canada.
As a constitutional democracy, we are also known as a country with freedoms such as speech and religion.
And we have a reputation of being polite, especially for saying we're sorry.
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