Visas and Study Permits

Applying for a study permit

You need a study permit to come to Canada. Depending on where you live, the processing time can be just a few weeks or as long as a few months.
In the last decade more and more foreign students, temporary workers and visitors have been coming to Canada. This means that processing times through Citizenship and Immigration Canada are longer.
To avoid disappointment, you should apply at least 4 to 6 months before your program starts.

Before you apply for a study permit, you will need:
  • the letter of acceptance from Lakeland College
  • a receipt for your tuition deposit
  • Lakeland College's designated learning institution number( DLI) is O18777577472
  • your passport
  • other documents required by the Canadian government. See the online document checklist
  • proof that you have sufficient funds for your education and living expenses while you study in Canada
Citizenship and Immigration Canada has many resources to help you. A great place to start is their web section on international students.

Applying for your study permit

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