Plan a Visit

Don't take our word for it...

We can talk all day about how great Lakeland’s programs are, how tight the communities are, and all the rest. But we’re biased. You need to see the place for yourself -- and see yourself in it.
Talk to some students and faculty. Sit in on a class or three. Have a meal, see the residences, try out the rec centres, tour the towns.

We offer several types of visit experiences
  • school groups
  • yourself or with your family and be a student for a day
  • part of an event
Book your visit now. It’s recommended that you book at least two weeks in advance.
When you take a tour, don't forget to enter your name to win a $1,000 tuition credit. We name two winners every year--one for each campus.

For information about on-campus lodgings in Lloydminster or Vermilion, check out the Alumni House webpage.


Enrolment Specialists

Before you visit, you'll likely talk with one of our enrolment specialists.
You can even start by talking with your program's specialist about the best options for you.
Call, text or email them, right now.

Request a Tour

Request a Tour

Whether you want to book for yourself or a class, fill out our tour request form.

Student for a Day

Student for a Day

If you want more than a tour experience, then student-for-a-day is for you.
Available for most programs, you'll sit in classes, get an individualized tour, meet faculty  and check out our services.
Talk to your enrolment specialist directly, or use our request a tour form.

Tuition Credit

Tuition Credit Draw

Taking a tour could save you a whole semester's tuition.
When you take an official tour, your name is entered in our draw. We give away a tuition credit on each campus.


Open House

Two days, two campuses and all of our doors are open.
Usually the 3rd Friday and Saturday in October, Open House is a great way to come and get acquainted with Lakeland College.
There are bonuses - no application fee, playing Rowdy bingo for Lakeland gear and of course taking a tour and getting into the tuition draw.
There's usually a lot of other activity - rodeo in Vermilion, Band in the Sand, Career Fair and Rustler basketball, volleyball or soccer.


Info Sessions

Spend up to a day on campus for a session devoted to your school. Our info sessions run throughout the winter, starting in late February and going through March.
Check the info session schedule. Then register that you'll be attending.

Campus Maps
& Directions

Campus Maps & Directions

We aren't hard to find, especially in our wired world - you can locate us with a map app.
However, those apps don't have some recommended routes. And sometimes it's easier listening to your mom or a friend read you the directions than wait for the electronic voice.
So check out not just maps of our campuses, but maps​ and directions to our campuses.


Virtual Tours

We really want you to come to one or both of our campuses.
To get an idea of what you'll see, you can look at our virtual tours.
But there's really no replacing the experience of not just visiting Lakeland, but meeting the people of Lakeland.

Campus Video Tours

Campus Video Tours

Choose one of 4 videos to get to know our campuses better. Check out our video campus tours.