Prepare to Apply

When you fill out an application form, you should be confident that you have right academic requirements to be admitted to the program of your choice.
If you have questions, get them answered on our website. If you'd rather talk to someone, then contact an enrolment specialist.
And if you aren't certain about how your academic record stands up, then there's information about that, too.

Talk to an
Enrolment Specialist

Talk to an Enrolment Specialist

Part tour guide and part advisor, your enrolment specialist can help you from before you apply right up to the day you register for classes.
Find out the specialist for your program, then call, text or email.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Just 3 things:
  • You're of age.
  • You can speak, write and read English.
  • You meet the academic admission requirements. Those can be found on each program page.


English Proficiency

Our language of instruction is English. Often the first academic requirement is a certain level of high school English.
If English is your second language, there are specific tests you must pass. Check out English language requirements.

Entrance Testing,
aka Special Admissions

Entrance Testing, aka Special Admissions

If you don't meet our entrance requirements, you may still be able to take the program.
Entrance testing, once known as special admissions, is the gateway.

Academic Prep

Academic Prep

If you are short an academic requirement, our academic prep modules may help you enter a specific program.
After we look at your transcripts, we may refer you to this free service.


Homeschool Admissions

Every applicant must provide an official transcript. For example, a provincial education department transcript with marks for recognized subjects.
If you don't have an official transcript, please provide the documents you do have. We'll evaluate them, and if necessary refer you to entrance testing and or academic prep modules.
For more details, check the homeschool admissions page.

Subject & Grade

Subject & Grade Equivalencies

Subjects and grades aren't standardized across Canada. So, we have charts that show what the equivalent, for example, of English 30-1, is for Western Canada and Ontario.


Accessibility Services

Accessibility is about connecting students to accommodations, resources, and services they need to achieve their academic goals.
We have services and an advisor on both of our campuses.
Check out our accessibility services.