Educational Pathways

Your path to the education you want, and need, is as individual as you are.
If you want to explore possible careers while you're in high school we offer dual credit and career & technology studies (CTS).
If you want to get into the working world quickly, then we have programs that will put you there in less than a calendar year.
If you want to go to university, but don't want to venture too far from home or don't want to cope with large crowds, then our university transfer program is for you.
Explore how you can find your path at Lakeland College.

1 Year
Certificate Programs

2 Year
Diploma Programs

2 Year Diploma Programs

You’ll find a career launching pad in one of our 2-year diplomas.

Advisory committee input enhances our work-force ready training. This keeps our content connected to industry needs.

You’ll find diploma options in most of our schools, including the accelerated Emergency Services Technologist diploma that takes a calendar year.

Agricultural Sciences Business
Business Administration diplomas with these majors: Energy Environmental Sciences


University Transfer

Set your degree in motion by starting it at Lakeland College.

You’ll get used to the demands of university curriculum in a less crowded, friendlier atmosphere. For example, there won’t be hundreds of people in a first year lecture. And, instead of being a number in a crowd, your Lakeland instructors will know you by name.

Learn in state-of-the-art labs from our top-notch instructors.

Our location, between Edmonton and Saskatoon, makes the University of Alberta and University of Saskatchewan, the most frequent final destinations of our university transfer students. But you aren’t limited to those two places.

Our courses transfer anywhere. We have official agreements with other Western Canadian institutions including Athabasca University, University of Calgary and University of Regina. Our students have transferred to other post-secondaries ranging from University of Lethbridge to Wilfrid Laurier University.

Our students have gone on to graduate degrees ranging across schools in Western Canada to the US Ivy League (Harvard), and abroad to the University of London in England.

Stepping into Lakeland’s university transfer program is a step into endless possibilities. Here are the most popular transfer routes:
  •    Bachelor of Arts
  •    Bachelor of Commerce
  •    Bachelor of Education
  •    Bachelor of Science
  •    Bachelor of Social Work
  •    Pre-Professional routes including dental hygiene, dentistry, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.
Starting Fall 2019, we also offer more degree options through Athabasca University. You can stay and take three or four years at Lakeland in Lloydminster.
Along the way, our academic advisor will help you choose courses to match your goals.

Come and explore how you can start, and even finish, university at Lakeland.

Apprenticeship &

Apprenticeship & Pre-employment

You’ve made one important decision already: your trade. Now, take charge of your trades training by making the Lakeland choice.

Our continuously updated facilities are one benefit. But that’s only one part of the learning equation. When the material is all from Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training, the difference becomes your instructors.

At Lakeland you’ll learn from outstanding teachers who are experienced in their trade. More than that, they care about you and your success.

And they’ll celebrate with you when you complete your journeyman journey. Our apprenticeship breakfasts are a Lakeland tradition.

We offer 9 different Alberta Apprenticeship programs:

Lakeland also offers 16-week Pre-employment training. You’ll cover the first period technical training and get a 4-week practicum. This gives you the opportunity to move forward in the trade.

Currently we offer Pre-employment electrical and welding programs.


Double Major

Expanded knowledge, skills and leadership opportunities can be yours when you take a double major.

Agricultural Sciences
Adding Agribusiness credentials to animal science or crop technology diplomas is a popular route in agriculture. There are now 4 different animal science majors.

Spend an additional year to be part of Student-Managed Enterprise after your Student-Managed Farm powered by New Holland experience. You’ll add marketing and communication skills to go along with your production knowledge.

Grow your Business Administration skills by adding a second major to your diploma.

Lakeland offers 5 majors:

Not all majors fit the double major pathway, but the Business Academic Advisor can help you choose the right path for your goals.

Added bonus: After you finish your Business diploma, stay at Lakeland to complete a Business degree in just 2 more years.

Environmental Sciences
Diversified skills increase your value in the marketplace. A double Environmental Sciences major is well worth your investment.

Majors are:

Human Services
Multiply the ways you work with people by taking another diploma or adding a certificate.

Add Educational Assistant to Child and Youth Care or Early Learning and Child Care.

You can even add those extra credentials by learning while you earn by taking any of those 3 programs online.

2 + 2 options
Degree to diploma

2 + 2 options Degree to diploma

Combine the best of hands-on and theory by earning a diploma and then a degree: 2 years at Lakeland for a diploma + 2 years at a university for a degree.

It’s possible through transfer agreements between Lakeland and a number of universities.

The options are as varied as moving on to University of Lethbridge for a BSc in Agriculture after taking one of our Agricultural Science diplomas or to a BSc at the Arts Institute of California-Los Angeles after an Interior Design diploma.

While there are official transfer agreements that recognize our courses, you may apply for transfer credit at any other post-secondary school. Depending on how they evaluate our courses, you may qualify for a degree in 2 or more years.

Applied environmental degree
We also have a 2 + 2 option for an applied degree right here at Lakeland.

After taking one of our majors, stay for the Applied Degree in Environmental Management. You are at Lakeland for one full year, and then do supervised practicums. You finish your degree with a capstone presentation.

Degree Completion

Degree Completion Pathways

We now offer 23 different pathways to complete 8 different degrees without leaving Lakeland College's Lloydminster campus.
Most are in cooperation with Athabasca University and another is a specialized BEd degree from the University of Alberta.
Our longest running program is degree completion affiliated with our business department. You complete one of our business administration major 2-year diplomas, and then go on to complete a degree in 1 or 2 more years at our Lloydminster campus. Those options include
  • 4-year Bachelor of Commerce – general degree or a major in accounting, business technology management or finance
  • 4-year Bachelor of Management – general degree or a major in human resource management, Indigenous nations and organizations, or marketing
  • 3-year Bachelor of Management: general degree, no major options.
  • 3-year Bachelor of General Studies
Our newest degree completion options for university transfer students through AU were announced in early 2019.
  • 3-year Bachelor of Arts general degree or with concentrations in history, psychology, sociology & general
  • 4-year Bachelor of Arts majors in history, political economy, psychology & sociology
  • 3-year Bachelor of General Studies
  • 3-year Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations
  • 4-year Bachelor of Science general degree or majors in applied math and human science
Fall 2018 was the first year of Lakeland's partnership with the University of Alberta to offer their Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP). The next cohort will start in Fall 2020.

Fire & Emergency Services

Fire & Emergency Services Training

Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre (ETC) is the place to start your career, or gain new skills related to firefighting and emergency response.

We have high standards for our curriculum, our faculty, and our students.

Full-time Programs
We offer two full-time programs:
  • The unique combination of fire and emergency medical training in our Emergency Services Technologist (EST) program. It’s an accelerated diploma offered over a 12-month period including practicums.
  • 12-week firefighter training that exceeds the NFPA 1001 standards.
On-site & Distance Learning
Municipal and industrial firefighters and emergency responders are among the clients for our single courses leading to NFPA and other accreditation. Those courses include:
  • Driver training
  • Emergency medical
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Extinguisher & apparatus
  • Firefighting
  • Hazardous materials
  • Livestock handling in emergencies
  • Office & leadership including safety codes
  • Rescue
  • Workplace health & safety
Training can be on-site at one of our training fields, or we can come to you. Contact our corporate training team to learn more.

Applied Degree
And if you’ve been in the emergency services field at least 3 years, you might want to consider our popular applied degree. All online, the Bachelor of Applied Business: Emergency Services is part-time over 2 years.

Professional Development
& Continuing Education

Professional Development & Continuing Education

Professional Development

Professional development adds a specific skill or credential to your skills set.

Fire & Emergency Services

In the case of the Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre (ETC) your training is usually for a particular NFPA accreditation ranging from driving a fire truck to completing officer training.
Check our ETC course calendar. All training dates for this year are included.

Energy & Petroleum Industry

Through industry partnerships we offer competency certificate programs such as wellsite supervisor.
We also offer a petroleum manager diploma program. If you’ve completed specific competency training and have a letter from your supervisor  you’re eligible to take the program. There’s also a direct route if you’ve graduated from one of our other energy programs.
If you’d like move up a power engineering class we offer
There are also other earn while you learn courses such as evening and online power engineering.


Become a master electrician or get help preparing for a red seal interprovincial exam.

Pesticides Applicator Certification

Lakeland manages the provincial certification program for pesticide applicators and commercial dispensers. There are 15 different applicator certificates ranging from aerial to rodent control. Check out all the details about home study courses, on-site tutorials, exams, recertification and train-the-trainer.

Continuing Education

Our continuing education falls into one of 3 categories.
  •    Just for fun
  •    Personal development
  •    Professional development

Lines may blur between categories, depending on how you view the courses. For you, learning the violin may be just for fun, for someone else it may begin a journey to a musical career.

Whatever your goal may be, start and continue your lifelong learning at Lakeland.

Just for Fun
Personal enjoyment is a great reason to try something new; because, learning can and should be fun.

“Just because I always wanted to” is a great starting point.

You might want to learn about post-modern art, or understand your digital camera better before you take that exotic trip. Whatever your fun reason, you’ll find an array of options at Lakeland.

And if you don’t see what you’re looking for – tell us. Your interest could be our next class.
Personal Development
From music lessons to nail technician, and from academic upgrading to upgrading Photoshop skills—the options are a varied as people are.

Whether you want better computer skills or want to turn a hobby into a business, you’ll discover plenty of choices.
MindEdge is one of Lakeland’s newest partners. Online and affordable, MindEdge offers a number programs including human resource management, six Sigma and business communications. We are also partners with ed2go, another online learning company.

International Students
& Programs

International Students & Programs

Join citizens of 20 other countries who have chosen to study at Lakeland in the past two academic years.

We’re proud to offer world class programs. And there’s nothing quite the Lakeland experience: Leading-learning opportunities with the backdrop of a Canadian prairie winter. Even dressing for our seasons is a learning experience.

With a few exceptions, Lakeland’s programs are open to international students. Check your program options on our International site.

Go Abroad
Australia, Belize, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, England, Mexico, Thailand and Sri Lanka are some of the places Lakeland students have travelled for field trips and practicums. For good measure, add in US destinations from Texas to Hawaii

However; if you want to go outside Canada for longer – a semester, a full academic term, or even for work experience, our International department can help you find a program and destination.

Check out study abroad and international work experience for more information.


Online Courses

You may not be able to come to one of our campuses, but we can come to you online.

Lakeland’s online programs have exploded in recent years, particularly in the Human Services field.

Human Services
Not only do we offer 5 programs online, 2 of them are also available online in French.

Our Renewable Energy and Conservation program is also online. You have the option of a certificate and diploma.

Even an Apprenticeship program, Parts Technician, is available online.

Energy & Petroleum Technology
Many continuing education programs are also available online. One of the most popular areas is power engineering. But there are many others including:
  •     Fire Process Heater Operator
  •     Gas Process Operator
  •     Production Field Operators
  •     Wellsite Supervisor

Continuing Education
Get in front of whatever tickles your fancy.  Add a new skill or develops your credentials.

As well as our Lakeland courses, you’ll also be able to go to our partners such as Ed2Go and MindEdge.

Explore online Continuing Education options.

Start in high school
Get a taste of what college is like by taking a career and technology studies (CTS) course or one of our dual credit programs.

It’s a great way to explore your potential and a future career. Learn more about dual credit and CTS.

Dual Credit

CTS & Dual Credit

You can begin your Lakeland journey while you’re still in high school.

We have a long tradition of providing local region students with the opportunity to take 1-week career and technology studies (CTS) courses. They run primarily at our Vermilion campus.

Those courses have included:
  • Aesthetics/Cosmetology – levels 1 &2
  • Automotive/ Mechanic – levels 1 to 3
  • Carpentry – levels 1 to 3
  • Electrical – residential, industrial, home automation, sustainable energy
  • Interior Design – levels 1 & 2
  • Welding – levels 1 & 2
  • High School Firefighter
Dual credit programs offer both credit for a high school CTS course as well as a college courses. Currently, we work with 15 school divisions to offer their students opportunities to take these courses and the complete health care aide program:
  • Play
  • Health Safety & Nutrition
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Introduction to Heavy Oil and Gas
  • Introduction to Esthetics
  • Introduction to Soil Science
  • Health Care Aide
As well, dual credit is also offered in blended learning for these trades:
  •    Automotive Service Technician
  •    Carpenter
  •    Welder
Parts technician is offered online.

Green Certificate
Alberta high school students are also eligible to take apprentice-style training in the agricultural industry.

Lakeland College is a regional hub for the north east. We hold testing here 3 times a year.