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At Lakeland College, our students lead today through student-managed enterprises, experiences and events.
Student-managed helps students step out of their comfort zone. Being in charge forces them to tackle new experiences. Student-managed is a way to make connections with community and industry. Responsibility transforms students into leaders.
That’s what makes a Lakeland education useful, unique and a great investment.

The need

Your gifts help Lakeland students fulfill their potential regardless of their circumstances.
With your support, students access the funding and support services they need, learn in modern facilities where hands-on learning opportunities are everywhere, and tackle research projects that matter.
You can lead the way by making a donation  in support of these 3 areas.

Join us

Together, let’s ensure the problem solvers, innovators, leaders and hard workers at Lakeland continue to benefit from the highest quality education and leadership opportunities so they're prepared to go out into the world and make valuable contributions.
If you are interested in learning more about these initiatives or have other projects you'd like to support, please contact: Stacey Ruller at 780 872 3080 or email stacey.ruller@lakelandcollege.ca

Expand student success and student-managed initiatives

We know students come to Lakeland because they see it as a place of possibility.

Empower the next leaders in agriculture

There are more than 500 agricultural sciences students currently studying at Lakeland. That’s an all-time high.

Deliver solutions to industry

Our research activities complement student learning, are relevant to the region and advance innovation.