Scholarships & Bursaries

Let’s face it. Education, while worth every penny, isn’t cheap as many students today face significant financial barriers, and are often forced to borrow money to cover the costs of tuition, books and living expenses. Often part-time jobs will compete with study time, making it difficult for students to reach their full academic potential.
One of Lakeland College’s Centennial goals is to ensure that no one accepted in a program is prevented from completing their chosen educational goals due to lack of financial resources. Scholarships and bursaries are tangible rewards for jobs well done, motivators when the going gets tough and meaningful inspiration to continue learning while reducing the amount of debt load upon graduation.
You can invest in the future by helping to create more student awards at Lakeland College. Find out how you can make a gift of a Scholarships, Bursaries or general Award.

Lakeland College and the Board of governors has made a commitment and priority to focuses its annual fundraising efforts on building up scholarship and bursary funds to ensure no students potential is left unreached.