Honorary Credential for Distinguished Citizens

Lakeland College presented its first honorary credential in 2006. There was a gap of 4 years before an honorary credential was presented for the second time.
In 2013 the first of our distinguished citizens were recognized on both campuses. Canadian Olympian Beckie Scott and long-time federal politician Don Mazankowski were recognized on the Vermilion and Lloydminster campuses respectively.
Since then every Lakeland convocation features a distinguished citizen who receives their honorary credential and also addresses the graduates and audience.
Plaques of each distinguished citizen are displayed on both campuses.

Criteria & Selection

Check out the award criteria and selection process.

Nomination Form

Nominations for 2022 awards open August 1, 2021. Nominate someone for an honorary credential

Recipients 2019-present

2019: Doug Elliott & Mary Holtby

Recipients 2006-2018

2018: Judy Woyewitka & Richard Klinger 2017: John A. Stewart & Ken Kay 2016: Jean Paré & Ross Ulmer 2015 Bill Musgrave & Glenn Charlesworth 2014:Ed Stelmach & Vic Juba 2013: Beckie Scott & Don Mazankowski 2011: Owen Baker 2006: Bill Kondro