Paying Tuition & Fees

Lakeland College offers a number of ways to pay:
  • online through your bank (set Lakeland College up as a payee in your online banking. Your student ID # is your account #)
  • online through your My Lakeland account.Please note: There's a 2.5% convenience fee on credit card payments made through My Lakeland. New students will be emailed My Lakeland log-on information approximately 3 weeks before registration.
  • in person (limited to current on campus students during COVID restrictions)
  • via mail - Cheques or money orders should be made payable to Lakeland College. Remember: Cash should not be sent through the mail.
  • with student loans
  • through a sponsorship -Sponsored students (eg Human Resources Canada, Workers’ Compensation) must supply a letter of commitment from the sponsoring agency at or before registration.
You need to know - late payments Semester fees are due on or before registration day (first semester) and the first day of classes (second semester). There are penalties for late payment. See the tile below.
See the academic fees page for a breakdown of different fees.

What do I owe?

Set up a bill payment

Paying with Student Loans

If you are sponsored

Consequences of late/non-payment