Making your classroom accessible

Your goal is to make curriculum available to your whole class. To reach that goal you need knowledge and tools.
To start, learn about the range of disabilities you might find. Read Lakeland's accessibility services overview understanding disabilities.
Another place to begin is with with a free, 11-module Supporting Students with Disabilities course. The site also includes many resources. For more details see the tile below.
Also check out the strategies for specific disabilities. You'll discover typical academic accommodations as well as class room strategies.
As well, there's more information about
  • documented disabilities
  • your next steps if you're notified about a student with a disability
  • teaching decision making
  • universal instructional design

Strategies help everyone

Many accessibility strategies you'll find for specific disabilities are useful for your whole class. Some are easier to do with technology.  Best practices include:
  • using variety of instructional strategies to reinforce course concepts
  • providing outlines on organizational structure for class lectures
  • using demonstrations, visual aids, and concrete examples to reinforce course material
  • introducing key vocabulary and concepts before each unit
  • allow for questions before beginning assignments or tasks
  • providing access to lecture notes or PowerPoint slides
  • providing a study guide or outline for quizzes, testsand exams

Communication-based learning disabilities

Students with communication-based learning disabilities may experience difficulties with listening, speaking and understanding spoken language.

Deaf & hard of hearing

Educational interpreters

Developmental coordination disabilities

Students with a developmental coordination disability may experience difficulties with motor skills.

Language-based disabilities

Students with language-based learning disabilities may experience difficulties with one or both of reading or written language.

Service Animals

A service animal is any animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.

Documented Disability

Our accessibility services are designed for students who have a documented disability.

You will be notified - next steps

If you have a student who requires academic accommodation, accessibility services will notify you via email.

Teaching Decision Making

Making effective decisions is an important skill for all students to have. This is especially true if the student is also dealing with a disability.

Universal Instructional Design

Supporting students with disabilities course