Wellness at Lakeland

mobile phone screen message counselling text awayPlease Note:
Lakeland College encourages you to seek help if stress and/or anxiety are too much for you during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Call, text or email a counsellor or the wellness advisor:
There are also supports through your health plan Real Campus. This includes a 24-hour counsellor line 1 877 390 REAL(7325). Real Campus is also available as an app.
Guide your own wellness with help from our advisors and counsellors.
Being well once only meant your physical health. Today wellness is recognized as being more. Wellness includes
  • mental health
  • educational health
  • financial health
  • spiritual health
  • social health
Learn more about all aspects of wellness by opening one of the tiles below.
Lakeland’s team is here to help, whether you are working out in the gym or want to chat with a counsellor.

Educational Wellness

Helping you achieve your academic potential

Financial wellness

No matter how much money you have

Mental wellness

Good emotional health, build resiliency

Physical Wellness

Healthy lifestyle for a better quality of life

Social wellness

Building relationships & community connections

Spiritual wellness

Finding meaning and hope

Wellness Advisor


Indigenous support

Nurse - Health Services



Services for Students

From the bookstores to safe walks, we are proud of the services Lakeland offers you.

Campus Well online

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