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"Attitudes are the real disability" - Henry Holden

Accessibility is about connecting students to accommodations, resources, and services they need to achieve their academic goals.

There are accessibility services, including advisors, on each campus.

For complete contact and location information see the accessibility services contact page

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Invisible to most

All about learning disabilities

There are many variations of learning disabilities. It may be how someone hears or how they see. Whatever it is, there are ways to help the person be successful academically. It all starts with recognizing the problem.
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Noteable Success

Accommodation Helps

Sometimes support is the ticket to success. Sometimes it's an exam reader. Sometimes it's a note-taker. Accommodation come in a variety of packages. We can help.
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What We Do

We coordinate and arrange support services for student with documented disabilities. Most, but not all, are academic accommodations. Some examples include:
  • exam accommodations such as extra time, quiet environment or readers/scribes
  • other accommodations & services such as note takers, taping lectures and tutors
  • accessibility audits for those who use mobility supports
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Adrienne Robertson, Accessibility Advisor
Vermilion Campus
The Commons (Library), AH026
Phone: 780 853 8438
1 800 661 6490 ext. 8438
Text: 780 581 0989

Tami Smith, Accessibility Advisor

Lloydminster Campus
The Commons (Library), Room 2078
Phone: 780 871 5457
1 800 661 6490 ext. 5457
Text: 780 808 4127