International Overview

If you don't have a Canadian passport  or a residency card, then you are an international student.
Our international department is more than helping international students get to Lakeland. We also
  • support international students once they are on campus
  • participate in international projects and partnerships
  • link current students to international study and internship opportunities
Here are some quick links to some of the most frequently visited sections of our international site.

Before you apply - is your program full?

Please check to see if the program you're interested is still accepting applications.
Full programs button

International at Lakeland

Look through all of the international section on Lakeland College's website.

Eligible & full programs

Check the programs open to international students, programs that are open to more applications and programs that are full.

English Requirements

Our courses are taught in English, so you need to be able to speak, write and read English.

Student Visa

Tips on how to get your study permit approved.

Projects, partnerships & study abroad

We're involved in work in Africa, Asia and Central America. Our students have taken international field trips and done practicums. Our department also can link students to internships and study abroad programs.

New business cohort

We're offering a business administration diploma cohort that starts in May 2020. Learn more.

COVID-19 related updates

Immigration Canada regularly updates information for current and new international students. Stay in touch with Lakeland's international team.