Environmental Sciences Degree

There is no substitute for experience.

Take the next step in your environmental career with Lakeland College’s bachelor of applied science: environmental management degree.

Advance your skills and expertise in field assessment, remediation and reclamation techniques, project management and environmental reporting.

Accredited by EcoCanada, this degree program connects you with industry and offers real-world learning opportunities.

Build on your environmental sciences experience in this program by:

  • Majoring in either reclamation and remediation or monitoring and environmental protection
  • Enhancing your skillset with essential field experience
  • Providing solutions to real-world issues with the Student-Environmental Consulting Office
  • Putting your skills and knowledge to work in an eight-month industry placement
  • Presenting your capstone project at Lakeland’s annual Conference on Environmental Management
When you graduate, you’ll be ready to excel in positions with government, industry, consulting organizations or agencies.

Elevate your career with Lakeland.