Your gateway to My Lakeland

My Lakeland is our student information system.
Once you sign in to My Lakeland you'll be able to:
  • see your schedule - not applicable for all programs
  • see your student account balance
  • pay fees
  • check marks
  • apply to graduate
  • change contact information
  • print your T2202A tax receipt
If you're a full-time student, you'll be given access to My Lakeland a few weeks before your 1st semester starts. If you're an online student taking a full-time program, you'll receive access to register and pay for individual courses.
This is the My Lakeland portal link: If you're having difficult accessing this sign in page, check the drop down about getting to My Lakeland and your browser.

Tip #1
Getting to My Lakeland

Tip #1 Getting to My Lakeland

  • Use a bookmark - make sure that you bookmark's URL starts with https://
  • If you are typing in the address, start with https:// then add Without the https:// your browser will think the page isn't secure and won't go any further.
  • There's a link to My Lakeland on the header of every page on the Lakeland College website.
  • There's a direct link on the Lakeland app to My Lakeland.

Use https://

  • If you are having difficulty in accessing My Lakeland or forgot password, check whether your browser recognizes the site as secure.
  • You can tell if you are using https:// because the address line in your browser will show a padlock. If there isn't a padlock, then you need to add the https://
  • Most browsers won't let you go beyond a certain point if it doesn't think the next link is secure. 
  • You can apply this principle to other pages where you are having difficulty with forms and passwords.

Your browser & device

Not all browsers and devices provide easy access. If you have trouble signing into My Lakeland
  • using a mobile device, try using a desk or laptop computer. My Lakeland isn't responsive, so you'll have a better user experience on a computer than a phone or tablet.
  • using your current browser, try a different browser. For example, if you're using Safari, try Chrome instead.

Tip #2
Navigating My Lakeland

Tip #2 Navigating My Lakeland

When you sign in, you'll see a tile that says Student Center. This is where you'll find all your options.
screen shot of My Lakeland with Student Center tile
There's also another way into your account screen.
  • Look for the navigator icon. navigator icon
  • On a smart device look for the hamburger menu icon. hamburger menu icon
  • You'll open a NavBar.
  • On the NavBar choose Navigator.
  • When you open Navigator, choose Self Service.
  • Inside Self Service you'll see all the usual options including checking your marks and paying fees.

Step #1
Activate Your Account

Step #1 Activate Your Account

You'll be sent an email with your user name--your Lakeland student number--and a temporary password.

Set your password

Start by logging into My Lakeland. You'll immediately be prompted to set your own password. Your password must:
  • be 8 characters
  • includes a capital/uppercase letter
  • includes a number
  • includes a special character
Your password is good for a full year (365 days), so you won't have to reset it until next year.

Set up a forgotten password hint

Make this is the second thing you do after creating your password. Open the navigation icon and choose Forgotten Password Hint.. It's directly below Change my Password.
If you don't set a hint, then you won't get an email if you click on "forgot password".
If you do, then you can use the forgot password link.

Check out the services

Click on the Student Centre icon and explore what you can do inside My Lakeland
  • Go to Personal Information to verify your email and mailing addresses, and phone number
  • Go to Academics to find your class schedule - if it's not there, keep checking. Also note that not all programs will have schedules in My Lakeland
  • Go to Finances to pay your fees [more in the next tile]

Step #2
Pay Your Fees

Step #2 Pay Your Fees

My Lakeland and online bill payment are express lines to paying tuition, residence and other fees.
These methods are especially important now when COVID-19 safety measures are in place. Currently, we discourage in-person payments
Typically, fees will be in your account 3 weeks before classes start.
If you are a full-time face-to-face student, your fees are due on or before registration day. You may pay by:
  • using your bank's online bill payment system
  • direct credit card payment on My Lakeland
  • student loan
  • sponsorship
For any other payment options, please call the Registrar's Office toll-free at 1 800 661 6490
See the paying tuition and fees page for how to set up Lakeland College as a payee.
If your fees aren't paid on registration day, a $200 late fee will be added to your account. $100 will be added every week until your fees are paid.


  • Firefighting Training Program  fees are due one month before the program start date.
  • Online students pay for courses when they register for the course.
  • If you have a student loan, wait. Once your loan is processed, the college will receive the funds and we'll apply to your program fees. If you have an outstanding balance after that, then pay the difference on My Lakeland.

Tip #3
You'll keep getting the email...

Tip #3 You'll keep getting the email...

...until you activate your account.
It's extremely important that you access your account as soon as we send your temporary password.
You'll keep getting the activation email until you physically go into My Lakeland and set your password. When you do, also set up a forget password hint.
If you haven't received the activation email, please ensure you're checking the email address you used when you applied. Or, check you junk mail.

My Lakeland

My Lakeland Services


  • your marks - at the end of semester, or if you're an online student when your course is complete
  • your account - fees that you owe the college
  • your schedule - if you're in firefighter training, health care aide, HOOT, HOPE, pre-employment programs and SRT, your schedule isn't on My Lakeland
  • your class enrolment - classes you are enrolled in

Pay Fees

Any assigned fees including tuition, residence and library fines.
You also have the option of setting up Lakeland College as a payee on your online banking. See paying fees for more information.


Your contact information including email address, mailing address and phone number.


You apply to graduate on My Lakeland. There's no cost, but even if you aren't attending convocation, you might like to get your credential.


If you're an online student, you'll use My Lakeland to register and pay for individual courses.


At the end of February, you'll be able to download and print your T2202A tax receipt.

for Online Programs

Self-Registration for Online Programs

 Course Self-Registration on My Lakeland

Follow the steps to register in courses for your online program. Don’t forget the final step is paying (credit card only), because you aren’t registered until you pay.

LoginQuick menu with My Lakeland graphic

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My Lakeland at the top right
  3. Login into using your Lakeland College ID and the password you were given.

Student Centre

  1. Click on Student Centre Tile (see graphic at left).
  2. Click on the My Academics link under the Academic heading
  3. On My Academics, select View my advisement report. This will display a course list for your current program. If you are a returning student, it shows your course history.

Review and select course(s) for current semester

  1. Review the course listings and focus on current semester courses
  2. Select one of the courses and the Course Detail page opens
  3. View Class Sections button under the Course Detail heading. This will display the name of the course, the section for the semester, the date the course will begin.
  4. Click on the Select button to add the course to your Shopping Cart
  5. Click Next
  6. To add more courses click on Return to My Academic Requirements link at the bottom of the page.
  7. Repeat the process until you have added all courses you wish to take in the current semester.
Note:You’ll know that a course has been successfully added when you see a green check mark under the Course Detail main heading at the top of the page.


When you are finished adding courses
  1. Go to top of Course Detail page and click on select here to enrol in courses for the current semester
  2. Select each course with a check mark
  3. Click Enroll
  4. Then, click the Finish Enrolling button
If you are returning to the site to finish enrolling
  • Login to My Lakeland on the Lakeland College website
  • Click on the Student Centre icon
  • Under the Academics heading – click on Enrollment Shopping Cart
  • Select the correct term (eg 2020 Fall), then click Continue
  • Click the Enroll button
  • Then click on the Finish Enrolling button. The view results page opens
*Lakeland’s preferred spelling is enrol, enrolled and enrollment. My Lakeland is configured to double Ls. We’ve used that spelling for specific My Lakeland buttons and links in these instructions.

Tuition & Fees

In the View Results section
  1. Click on the Make a Payment button
  2. In the What I Owe section complete the Payment Amount. This should match the Outstanding Charges amount.
  3. Click Next to go to the secure payment page

PayVISA and Master Card card graphics

You aren’t registered in the course until payment is made.
  1. Complete the payment information for your VISA or MasterCard credit card
  2. Be sure to note the Order ID # displayed with the transaction for your reference. This is the only time you will see this number.

Need Help?

red help desk signIssues logging into My Lakeland? Email:
Questions about registration? Email:
When you email: Include a detailed description of the situation and your student ID #.
The following e-document is available to view or download. Or use this link:
Course self-registration for online programs.


Help Desk

You may access the My Lakeland help desk two ways: via email and via a form.
If you have a problem logging into My Lakeland and are at your own computer, please click on this address to send your email. Please include your full name and describe your problem. Your student number would also be helpful.
Note: This help address is only for issues with logging into My Lakeland. If you have any other issues, please contact the appropriate Lakeland department. For example, if you are looking for D2L help, please go to the D2L page.
If you are at a college or other computer that isn't configured for your email, please fill in the form on the My Lakeland help desk page.
You should receive a response within 1 business day.


Hours Available

Hours available
  • Sunday to Friday 7 am to 2 am
  • Saturday 4 pm to 2 am
If My Lakeland is unavailable during those times, you'll be directed to a maintenance page with the expected downtime.



If you don't see the answer to your question, please email the help desk or fill out the My Lakeland help desk form.
Question:I want to pay my fees but it says that I don’t owe anything
Once you’re enrolled in courses, fees will be calculated based on your program, campus and credit load. Most students will see charges on their accounts in mid-August for September enrolment.  Residence fees will be loaded around the same time.
If you want to pay ahead of time, just talk to our friendly cashiers. Call 1 800 661 6490 ext. 8632 for Vermilion and 1 800 661 6490 ext. 5711 for Lloydminster.
Question:My address changed – how do I update it in My Lakeland?
It’s easy – just click on the address you want to change and follow the directions.
Question: I can’t find my admission status, help!
Open the Student Centre (the tile) and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Under Admissions you see a box called My Applications with your admission status and name of the program and campus that you applied to.
Question: I’m not enrolled in any courses – is something wrong?
The registrar's office enrols you in individual courses by semester. You should see course enrolments in early August for September, and in early December for January.
Question: I have a student loan, how do I pay?
Wait to see if you have a balance. Once your loan is processed, the funds are paid directly to the college. We'll apply those funds to your program fees. This will show up as a payment on your account. If the loan didn't cover all of your fees, you'll see an outstanding balance. Pay this amount.
Question: Why do I keep getting the same email message about activating my account?
Because you haven't activated your account. You'll continue to receive the message until you go into My Lakeland and set your password. While you're there, set up your password hint.
Question: Why don't I see my schedule?
Some program schedules aren't on My Lakeland. You won't see your schedule if you're a student in:
  • Firefighter Training
  • Health Care Aide
  • HOOT
  • HOPE
  • Pre-employment programs
  • SRT
Question: Why didn't I get an activation email?
Please check the email address you used when you applied. We use the address that was on the application. If this isn't a mail box that you use regularly, then you might want to change the address when you do get into My Lakeland. Otherwise check junk or spam folders to see if the email is there.

Student Policies
& Procedures

Student Policies & Procedures

Our Lakeland College Student Policies & Procedures can be found in a responsive, e-document.