Rogan new president of CCAA

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July 10, 2018
Alan Rogan thrives on new challenges. And he’s now undertaking a national one as the 13th president of the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA).
“New challenges keep you thinking and keeps your creativity going,” says Rogan, Lakeland College’s athletic director. “Every time you sit on a board, I think it’s professional development because you get an opportunity to learn from people. You take the good and you learn from the things that you don’t agree with, and you create your own style.”
Alan Rogan
During his two-year term as CCAA president, Rogan says on top of the traditional presidential duties there are three key initiatives he will be directly involved in: reviewing the association’s governance structure; working towards the implementation of a national Responsible Coaching program and working through the application from a new conference to join the CCAA.

“My role is to make sure we are all moving in the right direction and to supply some leadership, but everyone on the executive and board is involved in Collegiate athletics and we have a veteran staff in the office which means there is a lot of experience around the table,” says Rogan, who served as CCAA vice president of eligibility for the past five years.
“I get to work with an incredible group of people who are similarly focused in their mindset on what they want to see and they want to supply a great experience for student-athletes across the country.”

Volunteerism at every level of amateur sport is important, says Rogan, adding he hopes his involvement inspires student-athletes to give back as well.
“If we are asking our student-athletes to engage in the community and volunteer their time, then really we should be leading by example,” he says. “It shows our student-athletesAlan Rogan and community that we’re not just about Lakeland, we’re part of a broader picture and about our community. And in this situation our community is Canada.”

Rogan joined Lakeland in 1986 as the equipment room supervisor. He coached the men’s volleyball team for 13 years and spent one year at the helm of the women’s team. In 2006 he was named Lakeland’s athletic director. A former Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) president and executive committee member, Rogan spearheaded the growth of futsal in the ACAC.

In 2017, Rogan was named the first ACAC Athletic Director of the Year and the CCAA Athletic Director of the Year. “I think these awards were the culmination of years of work, being able to retain dedicated staff and having quality student-athletes who share the department’s vision. If everybody buys in, then it makes your job easy. My greatest accomplishment is building a department that works together towards growth and success in the three Cs:  classroom, competition and community engagement,” says Rogan.
“I love what I do and if you love what you do, then you're not really working.” 
Photos: Top, for more than 30 years Alan Rogan has championed Lakeland's student-athletes. As the new CCAA president, he will continue to support and advance amateur sport. Bottom, Rogan received the 2017 CCAA Athletic Director of the Year Award, which recognizes administrative excellence within the campus and college community environment. The award, which has been given out annually since 2000, recognizes an athletic director who has made a significant contribution to their institution over the past academic year.