Canadian Armed Forces certifies two Lakeland energy programs

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August 14, 2018
Lakeland College’s heavy oil power engineering (HOPE) and heavy oil operations technician (HOOT) students now have more career options thanks to new certification from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).
“I am excited for our students and the opportunities this new certification will create. Our students could have a career with the Canadian Armed Forces. We're diversifying their future career options,” says Ben Sey, dean of Lakeland’s School of Energy.
Sey submitted an application for both programs to receive a Canadian Armed Forces - Accreditation Certification Equivalency (CAF-ACE) as part of the occupational training requirement for the marine engineer technician qualification. After an intensive application and review process, HOPE is certified to provide up to 85 per cent and HOOT is certified to provide up to 70 per cent of the training required. Both programs had to meet a minimum of 70 per cent to receive the certification. The remainder of the training is completed through the CAF.
Lieutenant (Navy) Doug Gray, CD, CAF-ACE manager, explains that post-secondary institutions select the training requirement from CAF-ACE and align their curriculum to the CAF-ACE, and from there CAF subject matter experts assess the alignment. “Currently, there are a few options in CAF-ACE from Lakeland College and they have been selected for either funded education or incentives and allowances,” he adds.
After reviewing the curriculums for HOOT and HOPE, Sey realized the programs were a great match to the marine engineer technician qualification.
Lakeland is one of four colleges in Canada certified for the marine engineer technician qualification. The college’s firefighter training program is also CAF-ACE certified for the firefighter qualification. 
The certification program reduces training demands as the CAF can recruit directly from colleges and universities for occupations that are in demand within the CAF. By by-passing the training, members are eligible for advanced promotion and higher pay incentives, according to
CAF-ACE is the single CAF mechanism to identify civilian training, education and vocational programs and courses that can satisfy its training requirement. The intended outcomes of the CAF-ACE program are to identify programs and courses that meet CAF occupational training requirements; recruit new members into the CAF; and facilitate updates to the Military Occupation List Incentives and Allowances, and the Non-Commissioned Members - Subsidized Training and Education Program (NCM STEP). To learn more, click here.
Based at the Lloydminster campus, students in Lakeland College’s School of Energy train in one of the best equipped and modern steam labs in Canada – the Energy Centre. HOPE students learn power engineering and heavy oil operations over two years to challenge the Alberta Boiler Safety Association 4th and 3rd Class power engineering exams. HOOT students can become qualified 4th Class power engineers through Lakeland’s unique program that combines power engineering and heavy oil’s steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD).