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Most website pages like this one would be titled advancement. In the post-secondary world that term includes all things alumni and fundraising.
But at Lakeland we’re more personal. And, more focused on our heart. Students are why we do everything at Lakeland College.
How we provide their education requires a group effort that is more than classrooms, buildings, instructors and textbooks. We pull together as a family to achieve our goals.
Lakeland’s earliest leaders fostered a sense of belonging among its students. William, better known as Pop, Elliott embodied that spirit. And while some might know him as the father of 4-H in Alberta, he’s definitely a patriarch in the Lakeland line. He planted seedlings in what is now the Vermilion arboretum. Those trees took root and thrived. What can’t be seen, but definitely can be felt, how kernels of spirit he sowed have flourished. Even today our students top other institutions how they identify as belonging.
1026-27 VSA student council with Pop Elliott 
We call that family. We see it every convocation when we recognize generation grads whose parents, grandparents and great grandparents are alumni. Some institutions call donors friends. We go a step further. Our supporters and donors are part of our extended family.
At Lakeland we like to put those who give in direct contact with those who receive. For example, award donors eat and meet with recipients at our annual campus celebrations.
Generosity, like family, has a legacy. It enriches both today and tomorrow.
Whatever your role — alumnus, donor or both — explore more about your Lakeland family.
Photo: Pop Elliott (back row right) with the 1926-27 VSA student council.


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